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Android Call Select Free Account
Android Call Select is looking for conscientious individuals to
provide feed back on App functionality.
1). To test Download functionality from the Android Call Select Server.

As you may already be aware that issues can occur from downloading an App from a Web Server.
Please select Installation Issue's from the above Menu Options as it provides information for Installing the
Android Call Select App. App is also available from the Google Play Store and should not present any download or
installation problems.

2). App Functions:

After the Android Call Select App is installed the Main page is displayed which shows many options. Most are
self-explanatory. However, the Help Menu provide more detailed information on Menu Options.

3). Users Guide:

The Users Guide has much more information and is available through the Menu Options above.
Please make every effort to review this guide and provide relevant feedback.

4). Explore available Menu Options:

Use the App and report any errors. If errors are encountered, please send via E-Mail exactly the sequence of events
that you were doing when the error occured. Also, please provide the Make and Model of the cell phone you are using.

5). Cons:

Please send and negative comments via E-Mail so that the Android Call Select development team can review and
implement changes to make the Call Select App more User friendly and easier to use.

6). Pros:

For positive reviews, please select the Reviews Menu Option from the Main Page and provide your experience with
using the App.
Account setup:
1). Download and Install the Call Select App

2). After installation the "Registration Selection" page will be displayed. Select the "Continue" button to proceed to the
"Registration 1" page. This page is self-explanatory and needs to filled in correctly. Be advised! Real Names, Addresses,
Phone numbers, etc.. are required. If any information is deemed to be false, the account will be deleted.

3). After the above Registration has been accepted, you will be directed to the "Registration 2" page. This page is for
Credit Card information but this does not have to be filled in. Simply type in the word "tester" on the first line where it
asked for your "Name on credit card". Then select the "Send Button". After processing the App will direct you to the
Main page. The Call Select App should now be active and will operate for approximately one month.

At the end of the Trial period the App will become Inactive. No automatic renewal processing will be done. If you wish to continue to use the App, you will have to register as a new user.